The predictable precision of REGO-FIX powRgrip® gives you the vibration damping, low runout and secure toolholding to complete challenging machining tasks with high accuracy and confidence. The ease and convenience of the powRgrip system begins with the speed of its toolsetting. You can complete a press-in cycle on a REGO-FIX automated toolsetter in 10 seconds or less – and the process is so simple that virtually anyone can learn to operate the device in 15 minutes. No heat, no complex hydraulics, no fumes, no fuss: Just powerful, accurate clamping pressure every time.

And now, we offer you two automated powRgrip toolsetters. At October’s EMO Milano 2021 event, we introduced our newest PGU-series unit, the PGU 9800, with built-in access to machine diagnostics through a convenient LCD touch-and-swipe display.

Want to know how many press-in cycles your PGU unit has performed? The PGU 9800 has the answers, quite literally at your fingertips. Review a breakdown by PG die series and see exactly how you’re using the unit. Need to see status code information for your PGU? You’ll find this information on the PGU 9800’s display as well. The data screen also simplifies diagnostics and unit service, in the unlikely event that your toolsetter needs attention.

Other than providing you with in-depth notes about its performance, the PGU 9800 follows the same easy-to-use procedures as the PGU 9500. In large shops with rows and ranks of machine tools that require multiple tool changes throughout every workday, the PGU 9800 provides a user-friendly way to track the lifespan of your production assets and fit them into your regularly scheduled maintenance procedures.

Of course, you already know that REGO-FIX quality means your PGU unit offers enduring service that keeps your shop up and running through years of tool changes. When we recently lengthened the warranty coverage on our PGU 9500 and PGC 2506 units from 2 years to 5 years, we did so because adding 3 more years of coverage simply reflects the enduring performance of these toolsetters. In fact, we have units out in the field that have been in use for a decade or more, and we can refurbish most older units to put them back on the production line.

For smaller shops that complete fewer tool changes during an average workday, the PGC 2506 manual toolsetting unit offers fast, safe clamping operations with a hand pump instead of powered automation. Like the PGU 9500, it provides goof-proof performance on a smaller scale, compatible with almost the entire range of powRgrip toolholding diameters. The PGC 2506 requires no electrical connection, enabling it to operate wherever you want to locate it in your shop. In larger facilities, it can serve as a convenient backup to our automated toolsetters.

The PGU 9800 will enter the REGO-FIX product lineup in Q4 2021 alongside the PGU 9500, offering your shop two options for automated toolsetting. Additionally, the manual PGC 2506 offers solid performance for shops with fewer daily tool changes, providing multiple options to suit every need. We’ve designed these toolsetters to offer years of flawless service, with ease of use to match their unique design and high build quality.

by Ray Sarmiento, REGO-FIX Tech Team

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