Boost consistent precision with REGO-FIX Multi Line toolholding for traditional machining applications

REGO-FIX Multi Line products satisfy a wide variety of toolholding needs with precise, consistent performance. This toolholding system targets traditional machining applications, with reduction sleeves for efficient through coolant in a self-sealing system for use with most hydraulic expansion chucks. With a range of standard toolholders, all made with REGO-FIX high precision, Multi Line products excel at conventional operations such as milling and drilling.

Multi Line

ML toolholders

Toolholder options include a variety of collet compatibilities for CAT, SK, BT HSK and other spindle types.

ML reduction sleeves

High-precision clamping of cylindrical tool shanks with hydro chucks and for micro machining, both with and without support for peripheral cooling.

ML accessories

Multi Line accessories include the following:

  • Chip covers for reduction sleeves
  • Wrenches and reduction-sleeve extractors
  • Tool assembly units and adapters for indexed tools
  • Central coolant supply tubes
  • Cleaning accessories and supplies
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