Multi Line

Precision Tooling for Traditional Applications


Don’t skimp on precision, even for basic machining applications. REGO-FIX Multi Line products meet a broad range of more-traditional tooling needs – with accuracy you won’t find in competing products.

From simple Weldon end mill holders to reduction sleeves for hydro chucks, we build Swiss precision into every REGO-FIX product line. Multi Line will up your game with greater finished part quality so you can differentiate yourself from other shops.

Multi Line Products


Available holder interfaces include SK, BT, HSK and CAPTO Optimized designs for stability in traditional machining applications  Holder types: Endmill, shell mill arbor, face mill, Morse taper and drill chuck

Weldon Endmill Holders C/WD

Runout TIR ≤3 μm from inner bore to outer taper  Side locking screw for maximum transferable toque  CAPTO certified

Weldon Endmill Holders SK/WD | BT/WD | HSK/WD

Strong transferable torque holding power  High spindle-to-holder fit accuracy  Strong transferable torque holding power  Through-taper coolant supply

Shell Mill Arbors C/MA

Norm sizes from 16 to 40  CAPTO certified  High holding strength  Precision ground

Universal Shell/Face Mill Holders SK/KFD | BT/KFD | HSK/KFD

Includes lock screw, feather key and drive ring  Precision made  Highly repeatable holding power

Morse Taper Holders SK/MK | BT/MK | HSK/MK

Designed for high accuracy  Easy to use  Strong and durable

Reduction Sleeves HS-Standard

Sizes from HS 12 to HS 32  vMaximum runout ≤3 μm  Clamping flexibility for tool shank diameters from 12 mm to 32 mm among various hydro chuck brands  h6 clamping tolerance

Reduction Sleeves HS-CF

Suitable for peripheral cooling  Clamp tool shank diameters from 12 mm to 32 mm among various hydro chuck brands  Maximum runout ≤3 μm  High-precision clamping

Reduction Sleeves HS-MB

High-precision micro tool holding  Maximum runout ≤3 μm  Clamp HS 12 tool shank diameters among various hydro chuck brands  hs 6 clamping tolerance with 12 mm hydro chucks

Drill Chucks SK/KBF | BT/KBF | HSK/KBF

Clamping range from 1 mm to 13 mm  Maximum runout ≤3 μm  80 Nm clamping force at tightening torque of 20 Nm  Rated up to 35,000 rpm

Multi Line Accessories

Cleaning, setup adaptor and gaging, coolant and storage options, along with wrenches, reduction-sleeve extractors, bars, screw drivers and chip covers.