Excel at all your machining applications with REGO-FIX

Legendary Swiss quality drives everything we make. Our premium toolholding systems offer you extraordinary reliability, precision and quality.

From Switzerland

Fritz Weber founded REGO-FIX in 1950. This Swiss precision toolmaker went on to invent and patent the original ER collet system – a revolutionary product that continues to set the toolholding design standard – in 1973. Today, our founder’s three sons, Andreas, Stefan and Richard Weber, guide this family-owned, family-operated company.

We design, manufacture and test all our products at our industry-leading ISO-certified facility in Tenniken, Switzerland. Everything we produce undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure that it satisfies our precise standards – and yours.

To America

To meet the needs of diverse customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico, our North American headquarters in Indiana stocks our products at maximum capacity and provides an expert service and support team. As the North American subsidiary of a family-owned company with traditions of excellence, we focus on providing the very finest toolholding innovations and solutions.

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