Redefine toolholding security, convenience and precision with REGO-FIX powRgrip

Don’t let tooling hold back your machining success. With the unique collet-holding capabilities of the REGO-FIX powRgrip system, you can eliminate runout, cut costs per part, reduce cycle times and maximize productivity.

powRgrip outperforms all other tooling systems, especially in demanding applications such as aerospace and dental/medical manufacturing, with the flexibility to handle everything from heavy roughing and slotting to ballnose finishing and micro drilling.

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Within this unique collet-holding system, a special shallow-tapered collet presses into a holder with a matching taper. This state-of-the-art system uses either a hydraulic hand-pump or a tabletop hydraulic press specifically designed to insert these collets in less than 10 seconds with up to 9 tons of force. powRgrip delivers superior runout, maximum clamping force, high vibration damping and unparalleled toolholder-assembly ease. For machining applications that include milling, drilling, reaming and tapping, powRgrip offers a superior alternative to shrinkfit and hydraulic toolholding systems. 


  • Interchanges collets from tool shank diameters of 0.0079″–1.0″ (0.2 – 25 mm)
  • Handles tapers including CAT, HSK, BT, CAPTO, BIG +, TC and ISO
  • High vibration damping through a unique interrupted-surface design
  • Clamps carbide or HSS in h6 tolerance, including Weldon flat

PG press-fit assembly units

Automated (PGU 9500) or manual (PGC 2506 with hand pump), our tabletop tool-mounting units change out any tool in less than 10 seconds with precision that delivers a TIR of <0.0001 (≤3 µm) and length adjustment repeatability of <0.0004″ (10 µm).

Reduce tooling inventory

Reduce tooling inventory with one system that accommodates all types of tool shanks and materials in h6 tolerance and sizes from ø0.0079″ to 1.0″ (0.2 to 24.4 mm).

The industry's highest clamping torque rating

Attain a 1,100 Nm clamping torque rating, the industry’s highest.

z length adjustment repeatability

Achieve “z” length adjustment repeatability of <0.0004″ (10 μm).

Avoid heat and injury

Avoid the heat, fumes and injury risks of other toolholding methods in favor of complete worker safety and no temperature or chemical-related effects on tool life.

Superior clamping force, vibration damping, and precision

Experience superior clamping force, vibration damping and precision with toolholder-to-collet and collet-to-tool shank interfaces.

5 year/20,000-cycle warranty

Add peace of mind with a 5-year/20,000-cycle warranty, during which the TIR of a properly maintained powRgrip holder and collet won’t exceed 0.0001″ and the impregnated surface treatment won’t erode.

PG Collets

Collet options include standard, coolant-flush, long, microbore, short, turning and tapping, along with threaded inserts for the secuRgrip slip-off-proof system.

PG Standard Collets

Use Standard PG collets with non-coolant or coolant-through tools. The collet slot design provides a mechanical seal for internal through-the-tool coolant at up to 2,000 psi.

PG Coolant Flush Collets (PG-CF)

Direct the coolant to produce a high-pressure peripheral “sleeve” around the outside of the shank and at the cutting edges.

PG Long Shank Collets (PG-L)

For cutting tools with a shank length too long for REGO-FIX standard collets, powRgrip Long Shank Collets offer a 3-6mm longer engagement than standard collets.

  • No loss of clamping force or concentricity
  • Suitable for coolant-through tools
  • Suitable for PG holders in PG series 15, 25 and 32

PG Short Shank Collets (PG-S)

For cutting tools with a shank length too short for REGO-FIX standard collets, powRgrip Short Shank Collets offer a 3-6mm shorter engagement than standard collets.

  • Minimal loss of concentricity; clamping force may be slightly lower
  • Back-up screw for presetting tool projection length (Use presetting device VEW)
  • Suitable for coolant-through tools
  • Suitable for PG holders in PG series 6,10,15, 25 and 32


Developed for the most intensive cutting applications, secuRgrip applies a patented locking system to secure collet and cutter to the holder body so that only the cutting tool itself can fail. Use a simple, industry-standard Weldon flat on any standard carbide or HSS endmill, not an expensive, specially modified tool. The Weldon flat retains the secuRgrip locking key insert in this easy-to-assemble system.

  • Use standard 1/2″ to 1″ carbide or HSS endmills
  • Assembles in any standard PGU press-fit assembly unit
  • Modify existing powRgrip holders for use with secuRgrip
  • No secuRgrip collets required
  • Maintain TIR of 0.0001″ and the ability to preset tool height
  • Choose size-specific steel inserts by diameter
  • Use with REGO-FIX PG 25 or PG 32 holders in all tapers, including CAT, BT, TC, HSK, CAPTO, and dual contact REGO-PLUS**

**Licensed from BIG Daishowa

PG accessories

The REGO-FIX powRgrip toolholding system incorporates numerous accessories, including the following:

  • Clamping inserts for REGO-FIX press-fit assembly units
  • Central coolant supply tubes
  • Length presetting tools, screwdrivers, wrenches, wrench heads and grip bars
  • Toolholder balancing rings
  • Tool assembly units for indexed tools
  • reCool adapters, hoses, fittings, ball and ring adapters
  • Storage trays for collets; cleaning accessories and supplies
  • Coolant supply tubes
  • Balancing ring sets for ultra-high-speed operation

In high-precision industries, REGO-FIX makes difficult specifications achievable. To learn more about our mastery of challenging industries, download our aerospace manufacturing brochure and our powRgrip white paper.

The pressure is on. The heat is off.



The powRgrip 9500 automatic clamping unit – the world’s leading precision toolholding solution – now comes with a standard FIVE-year warranty. Click the button below to contact us for more information.

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