Premium-quality Swiss toolholding for manufacturing excellence

For secure toolholding and extraordinary reliability with quick and easy setup, choose REGO-FIX premium Swiss quality.


For computers, communications and consumer electronics, REGO-FIX handles tiny, expensive, exotic tools with ease and care.


Every craft that flies demands accuracy, and REGO-FIX helps make every aerospace machining process meet that standard.


For big projects, fast-paced production and demanding standards, REGO-FIX offers precision, flexibility and reliability.


Dry-machined non-metallic materials require extra care to use successfully. REGO-FIX brings you the solutions.

Machine Tool/OEM

Commercially viable production processes demand the highest standards in toolholding. REGO-FIX delivers every time.


The stakes rise higher for parts that heal. REGO-FIX makes accuracy attainable in certified production operations.

Mold and Die

No irregularities or dimensional errors allowed: REGO-FIX meets the need for precision with speed and ease.


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