COMPLEX JOBS, CONSTANT CHANGE, MICRO-SCALE WORKFLOW. For manufacturers in the fields known as the 3Cs – computers, communications and consumer electronics – tooling runs small, fast and expensive. Carbide, high-speed steel and ceramic cutting tools dominate jobs filled with aluminum, ceramic and glass workpieces. To compete in this arena, you need flexibility to handle constantly changing product designs and parts, and to switch immediately from machining one challenging material to another. Exotic materials and tiny sizes increase the cost of your tooling and your focus on tool life. You need secure holders with ultra-low runout and the ability to switch out tools quickly as you transition from job to job.

REGO-FIX supplies the industry’s widest variety of collet and toolholder types, lengths and diameters, all with unfailing repeatability, vibration damping and lasting quality. That lineup includes small-diameter and high-speed holders and systems for cutting tools down to 0.0079″ (0.2 mm) in diameter. Our full selection of clamping and torquing devices, along with a wide variety of other accessories, assures you of the flexibility you need to meet any customer requirement.

Toolholding Recommendations


We invented the original collet chuck clamping system, and we continue to create ER products that offer industry-leading efficiency, safety and precision – all with abundant options.


In less than 10 seconds, this innovative solution clamps tools as small as 0.008″ (0.200 mm) with system runout of less than 0.0001″ (3µm) – all with no heat or fumes.

Our reliable products, stringent quality control, individualized technical support and holistic product systems help you address material and workflow challenges with solutions that provide enduring value.