Legendary Swiss quality drives everything we make.

Our premium toolholding systems offer you extraordinary reliability, precision and quality.

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The industry-standard toolholding solution for all shank types, materials and tool types – from the company that pioneered it.


The ultimate in secure toolholding and excellent vibration damping supports high-speed milling and drilling.

Multi Line

A toolholding system for traditional machining applications, with reduction sleeves for efficient through coolant in a self-sealing system suited to most hydraulic expansion chucks.


System TIR of < 3 μm at 3 diameters with a grooveless clamping nut for silent operation and low vibration.

ER Lathe/Swiss

ER and ER UP (Ultra Precision) vibration-damped collets with a 16-slot design for a wide clamping range with low TIR and up to 20% more clamping length on small diameters.

Measuring Technology

The REGO-FIX 3D-EdgeMaster precision centering device is the first in our newly launched metrology product line with more innovations to come.

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Our Mission

In every industry, with any type of material, part and quantity, REGO-FIX gives you the unmatched reliability you need for success. Our carefully matched systems provide optimal fit and accuracy to minimize vibration and tool runout while they maximize clamping force, toolholding security, tool life and output quality.

Our History

REGO-FIX introduced the first ER collet chuck in 1972, and it became the enduring industry standard. Today, our innovative solutions make it easy to achieve excellent surface finishes and consistent job results in a wide variety of machining applications. For the toolholding innovations you need to produce precise results every time, look to REGO-FIX.

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