PowRgrip Series Makes Tool Holding a Big Deal

by | Jul 8, 2024

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Aggressively machining with big, long cutters is nothing to take lightly when it comes to tool holding. Such conditions magnify the risk of cutter vibration, runout and pullout, which is why REGO-FIX went big with the latest addition to its industry-leading powRgip (PG) Collet Series of tool holders.

For cutters up to 40mm (1.500”) in diameter, the company’s new PG48 holder ensures concentricity (T.I.R.) with deviations of less than 3 microns (0.0001”) for tool lengths up to 3 x diameter and length pre-adjustment with a repeat accuracy of less than 10 microns (0.0004”). Plus, the holders incorporate special cap nuts from the well-established REGO-FIX secuRgrip tool locking system that essentially eliminate cutter pullout when using large-diameter tools in heavy material removal applications.

The powRgrip system incorporates a vibration-dampening taper-to-taper, press-fit collet-holding design that essentially creates a juncture point, or gap, that interrupts the waves of vibration to reduce their strength and severity. The system consists of three basic components – holders, collets and press-fit assembly mounting units.

In manual or automatic configurations, the hydraulic press-fit assembly units quickly press collets into holders. The collets’ high-precision tapers match  equally high-precision internal tapers in the holder to create the system’s extreme levels of transferable torque. Unlike other clamping systems where heat or hydraulics are used, taper-to-taper systems like powRgrip use the mechanical properties of the holder material to generate tremendous gripping force.

Obviously, the larger size PG48 holders require a bigger mounting unit and a lot more pressing force. While the other holders in the powRgrip Series require 9 tons of force for pressing in and removing collets from holders, the new PG48 uses a whopping 15 tons of force.

The 15-ton unit works similar to existing PG mounting units. Operators insert a tool into a PG48 collet, load the collet into the PG48 holder and put the assembly into the mounting unit. The new holder incorporates the same guide grooves as other PG holders for easy, foolproof alignment in the mounting unit’s dies.

Because of the unit’s high tonnage, it has a safety feature. Operators must press and maintain pressure on the activation button during the pressing cycle. Like other PG units, the new one takes only 10 seconds per load/unload cycle. 

While the new PG48 represents the large diameter end of the powRgrip Series, the company’s PG6 unit and holders cover the opposite end of the spectrum for cutter diameters as small as 0.2mm (0.0787”). In between those sizes are the PG hand pump for PG6 up to PG25 holders, the new PGS (single)25 one-size unit, PGU 9500, PGA (automatic)9500 and the PGU9800 with digital readout screen.

Currently, the PG48 unit is a single-size machine for exclusive use with PG48 collets and holders.

Like all REGO-FIX powRgrip tool setting technologies, the new PG48 tool setter uses neither heat nor hydraulics, so tools will be ready for use immediately after the clamping cycle concludes. The REGO-FIX clamping methodology avoids the limitations and tool-life compromises of other systems.