powRgrip Takes Off in Aerospace

by | Jun 18, 2024

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Whether aerospace manufacturers machine components for commercial, defense or space projects, they face a number of similar challenges. Reducing costs, getting the most from their tools, eliminating tool runout and pullout and shortening setup and cycle times are all priorities when processing tight-tolerance parts from unique and challenging materials.

For these reasons, aerospace manufacturers across the country turn to REGO-FIX powRgrip®  toolholding. With it, they not only overcome those challenges, but also significantly extend tool life, shorten cycle times, reduce scrap and, above all, get parts out faster while saving money.

With a total system runout TIR  3mm at 3 X D, the powRgrip toolholding system provides tighter toolholding for finer surface finishes while providing easier setups even in difficult applications such as composites, various material stack-ups and splicing. Changeouts are fast, too.

The system uses a table-top unit with press-fit technology to apply up to nine tons of clamping pressure for an industry-leading 1,100 Nm clamping torque rating in 10 seconds or less. Using the powRgrip system is as easy as inserting the tool into the collet, placing the collet into the toolholder, putting the assembly into the table-top unit and pressing the “Press In” button. Additionally, there is no tool setting heat, chemicals or fumes associated with the powRgrip system for total operator safety. Tools can be handled as soon as they’re loaded.

Here are just a few real-world examples of how the powRgrip system has improved aerospace part processing and production.

Reduced chatter and improved surface finish: A jet engine component production shop reduced chatter and improved tool life by 20% to 30% using a PG 25 toolholder for 0.5” to 0.75” endmills on titanium 6AL4V and 15-5 stainless steel roughing at 20% radial depth of cut (DOC) and 1 X D axial depth.

Reduced setup times: By switching from shrink-fit to powRgrip, an aerospace engine manufacturer cut setup time on its CNC machine from all day to two hours. It also eliminated tool pullout problems and excess runout to improve surface finish.

Cycle time reduction/cost overruns: For a jet engine housing, a manufacturer applied PG 25 and PG 15 collets into the process of machining 46 holes in the radius of the component made from 440C stainless steel to reduce cycle times from four hours to under 1.5 hours and save $40,000 in production costs.

Extended tool life: An aerospace manufacturer incorporated a CAT 40/PG 25 toolholder for use in a three-machine cell performing one roughing and two finishing operations on 718 Inconel, which resulted in a six-fold increase in tool life over previous toolholding used in the application.

Across the board in a variety of challenging materials and precision processes, the powRgrip toolholding system improves production results and profitability for aerospace manufacturers in every sector of the industry.

REGO-FIX also offers a free test and trial of a PG system. A standard trial generally runs three to four weeks and does not obligate shops to any purchase. Click here to learn more or apply for the free REGO-FIX PG test and get your aerospace manufacturing off the ground.