Security. Safety. Precision.

The industry’s best, most precise Swiss-machine tooling in the world.

We offer an expanded portfolio of ER tooling to meet the growing demand for Swiss Automatic and Swiss Automatic CNC Swiss machine applications that includes:

Cylindrical ER collet holders and adapters equipped with Hi-Q mini-nut specifically designed for automatic turning machines

Mini-threaded holders fitted with intRlox anti-slip nut for operator safety

ER collet reductions for preinstalling tools on Swiss machines with live tooling

RCS/ERMX reCool for low-cost retrofitting to internal cooling

Hi-Q ERMX intRlox clamping nuts with minimal diameters ideally suited for lathes and Swiss turning machines and designed for operator safety

REGO-FIX tooling provides process stability and security, operatory safety and workpiece precision for optimal Swiss-style machining.

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ER Lathe & Swiss Products

Cylindrical shank toolholders CYL

Cylindrical ER collet holders designed specifically for automatic turning machines that also provide extended tool reach.

ER collet reductions

Used for reduction of collet sizes and a means of preinstalling tools.


Used with static emulsion and oil cooling systems; low-cost retrofitting to internal cooling.

Hi-Q ERMX intRlox

Minimal outer diameter is Ideally suited for lathes and Swiss turning machines.