Add legendary REGO-FIX precision to high-speed cutting with REGO-FIX micRun

Between REGO-FIX powRgrip and ER systems, the micRun system delivers <0.0001 (≤3 µm) at 3xD for high-speed cutting, with a grooveless clamping nut for silent operation and low vibration. We manufacture this easy-to-use, highly accurate system to even tighter standards than our ER line, and micRun provides the best combination of TIR, clamping force and operator ease of use. With superior clamping force and no delicate bearings, micRun targets high-speed machining and is available in most standard taper types.

  • 0001″ assembled TIR at 3x diameter
  • Self-locking design retains the micRun collet in the nut for easier insertion and removal, with no extractor necessary
  • Quiet-running symmetrical design with no grooves or flats
  • Special Hi-Q process provides improved clamping forces
  • Special thread design keeps nut aligned with the holder for improved TIR repeatability and rigidity
  • Available in standard and mini-nut designs

MR toolholders

REGO-FIX micRun toolholders achieve TIR of ≤0.00003″ (≤1 μm), adding to a total system runout of <0.0001 (≤3 µm) at 3xD. Available in standard regular or steep-taper and cylindrical formats, toolholder options include BT, CAT and SK steep-taper toolholders with universal suitability, HSK toolholders for high-speed rotating applications and cylindrical shank toolholders for automatic turning machines.

MR collets

Outstanding design and superior engineering for Swiss quality in every application, with a 16-slot design for total system runout of only 0.0001″ (≤3 µm) and up to 20% more clamping length in smaller diameters, all in a matched tooling system that assures maximum precision and balance.

MR clamping nuts

Low-friction design with a collet locking system, a fine thread instead of a ball bearing for high precision, and a grooveless design for quiet machining. Options include standard and mini sizes, including support for coolant-through tools.

Special solutions

The TORCO-BLOCK Tool Assembly Assistant with built-in torque gauge quickly, safely, easily and correctly tightens ER toolholders without over torquing, using minimal effort without torque wrenches. Its accessories include adapters for numerous spindle interfaces and indicator rings for various collet sizes and shaft diameters.

MR accessories

The micRun system offers numerous accessories, including the following:

  • Wrenches, wrench heads and grip bars
  • Central coolant supply tubes
  • Sealing and coolant-flush disks
  • Storage trays for collets and sealing disks
  • Cleaning accessories such as ultrasonic cleaning units and solutions, taper cleaning base units and spindle replacement blades
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