Precision for High-Speed Machining


Extreme spindle speeds magnify even the slightest toolholder flaws. Poor holding power and excessive runout put part accuracy and surface finish quality at risk. Don’t take any chances. Trust REGO-FIX micRun toolholders for worry-free high-speed machining.

Get the best combination of total indicated runout (TIR), clamping force and ease of use. micRun gives you the industry’s most-accurate collet system for high-speed machining.

    Key Product Features

    Total system TIR of <0.0001” (≤3 µm) at 3 x D

    Extremely low vibration for longer cutter life and lower overall tooling costs

    Specifically designed for high-speed cutting

    Precision-tailored and matched components

    Used together with recommended tightening torque, micRun collets, clamping nuts and toolholders create higher transferable torque than other precision collet systems.

    Low-Runout Collet Holders

    Available Steep Taper (SK), Steep Taper (BT), HSK and cylindrical shank (CYL) versions  100% balanced to G 2.5 @ 25,000 rpm  Surface finish maximum of Ra 0.25  AT3 taper accuracy

    Special Locking Collets

    Available with internal or peripheral cooling  Patent-pending collet locking system retains the collet in the nut  No collet extractor tools required  Four available collet sizes: MR11, MR16, MR25 and MR32  One holder accommodates 16 different tool diameters from 1mm to 20 mm

    Nuts Aligned with Holders

    Special thread design keeps the nut aligned with the holder for repeatability and rigidity Unique surface treatment boosts clamping force Closed contour design reduces noise Easy nut tightening and loosening with freewheel wrench head Choose standard (MR) or fine (MRM) threads Available coolant (MRC) versions for Coolant Flush Disks and Sealing Disks

    micRun special solutions and accessories

    Cleaning, setup adaptor and gaging, coolant and storage options, along with wrenches, bars and screw drivers