Better toolholding, better parts, better tool life


When is a bargain collet no longer a bargain? When its flaws limit its performance – and your tool life. Start with the industry’s best and achieve the results you deserve.

  • Industry-leading product range from 0.008″- 1.417″ (0.2 mm-36 mm)
  • Factory-balanced BT, CAT, SK, HSK, CAPTO, cylindrical-shank, ISO 20 Morse taper and automotive-shank toolholders, plus tapping toolholders for direct thread cutting
  • 16-slot design and high vibration damping for TIR of <0.0004″ (10 µm, Standard Precision) and ≤0.0002″ (5 µm, Ultra Precision)
  • Up to 20% more clamping length in smaller diameters
  • Self-locking Hi-Q ER nuts for better clamping force and balance with less chance of improper assembly

ER Collet Comparison

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1% is more than you think

Miniscule amounts of waste add up quickly in manufacturing. That’s why even a 1% increase in tool life with superior REGO-FIX collets can result in big savings.

Key Product Features

3-point measurement of all AT3 steep tapers, exceeding the common 2-point system

Controlled toolholder thread runout for more-accurate alignment with the collet nut

Full lot traceability of all toolholders for maximum reliability and process control

Tighter thread tolerances for reduced friction with greater holding torque and lower TIR

All toolholders 100% precision balanced for use at the highest rpm ratings

Modified pull stud thread design to eliminate steep taper growth from pull-stud assembly

ER Products

ER floating chucks

Self-centering compensation for axis errors on coolant-through tools

Standard ER

Robust performance for many applications.

Ultra-precision wide

High performance results

Rigid tapping

Available for multiple standards


For micro-machining

secuRgrip form-fit

For heavy machining

Metallic sealed

For internal cooling, threaded inserts and ER collet reductions

ER clamping nuts

Standard and Hi-Q for high torque and excellent balance

ER special solutions and accessories

Tool assembly assistant, plus tools, balancing, storage, cleaning and coolant options