The pace of manufacturing continues to increase. So does the pressure to save money on tools. But just because a tool is inexpensive to buy doesn’t mean it’s inexpensive to use. A bargain collet may look like it can hold its own next to REGO-FIX toolholding. Look closer, and you’ll see flaws on lower-quality collets that downgrade their performance – and cut the life of your tools. At REGO-FIX, we design and manufacture every collet we sell, so we have complete control over our products and stand behind them in ways that competitors cannot.

If you want to experiment with other alternatives and prove to yourself that our quality offers you the best alternative, we’re perfectly happy to be your second and final choice. Besides, when you calculate what every percent increase in tool life puts back in your pocket across the hundreds of tools you use in a year, you’ll realize that the real cost of quality doesn’t show up on a price tag.

We’ve always been passionate about quality, consistency and performance. That’s why REGO-FIX pioneered the ER collet chuck in the 1970s, and it’s why the system remains the standard toolholding solution across industries and around the world.

With Standard Precision models with TIR below 0.0004″ and Ultra Precision models that cut that to 0.0002″ or less, the ER collet system helps manufacturers reach the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability.

The REGO-FIX ER collet system involves proprietary slot manufacturing processes and special vision systems for the best consistency and guaranteed TIR over the entire clamping range, but our system is much more than collets. Our Hi-Q clamping nuts, for example, receive up to 80% higher transferable torque over nuts without our specially engineered surface finish and can be adapted to any compatible collet system for superior results. And with advanced solutions like the TORCO-BLOCK, you can minimize setup time and maximize the value your team can add throughout the shop.

With the industry’s most diverse range of ER collets and accessories, you can be sure we have a solution perfect for your most demanding machining challenges. Contact us today to find out how REGO-FIX can be your partner for higher part quality and better long-term ROI.

ER Collet Comparison

1% is more than you think
Miniscule amounts of waste add up quickly in manufacturing. That’s why even a 1% increase in tool life with superior REGO-FIX collets can result in big savings.

ER Toolholders

Factory-balanced ER toolholders offer collet-matching precision for superior runout and vibration damping. Individual options accommodate BT, CAT, SK, HSK, CAPTO, cylindrical-shank, ISO 20 Morse taper and automotive-shank toolholders, along with tapping toolholders for direct thread cutting. Our quality standards include the following design features:

3 point measurement
3-point measurement of all AT3 steep tapers, exceeding the common 2-point system
Tighter thread tolerances
Tighter thread tolerances for reduced friction with greater holding torque and lower TIR
Controlled thread runout
Controlled toolholder thread runout for more-accurate alignment with the collet nut
Collet-to-taper TIR below 0.0001″
Modified thread design
Modified pull stud thread design to eliminate steep taper growth from pull-stud assembly
Precision balanced
All toolholders 100% precision balanced for use at the highest rpm ratings
Maximum reliability
Full lot traceability of all toolholders for maximum reliability and process control

ER Floating Chucks

Self-centering floating chucks compensate for axis errors between chuck and bore on coolant-through tools, with REGO-FIX CAPTO interface and on mini interfaces.

ER Collets

Outstanding design and superior engineering for Swiss quality in every application, with a 16-slot design for total system runout of only 0.0001″ (≤3 µm) and up to 20% more clamping length in smaller diameters, all in a matched tooling system that assures maximum precision and balance. Individual options include the following:

Standard ER

Ultra-precision wide

Rigid Tapping

(with rigid tapping collets)


secuRgrip form-fit collets

(for heavy machining)

Metallic sealed collets

(for internal cooling, threaded inserts and ER collet reductions)

ER Clamping Nuts

Manufactured to exacting tolerances tighter than established DIN 6499 standard requirements, our Swiss-quality clamping nuts offer you high transferable torque and excellent balance. Individual options include the following, alone or in combinations of these parameters:

  • Standard
  • Bearing
  • Internal and external thread
  • Slip off Proof
  • Minimal external diameter
  • Ultra-high speed
  • Coolant-through tool compatibility

REGO-FIX developed the Hi-Q ER nut for the industry’s first self-locking ER system. This unique design improves clamping force on the tool shank and offers better balance while it retains the ER collet in the nut and reduces the risk of improper assembly. In both Standard and Friction-Bearing models, the Hi-Q ER nut significantly increases clamping force on the tool shank to allow for aggressive machining without the risk of tool slippage.

Special metal treatment
Special impregnated metal treatment – not a coating – reduces friction for up to 125% greater clamping on the tool shank
Friction-bearing option
Friction-Bearing option offers the highest available clamping forces for tough milling applications
Tighter thread quality
Tighter thread quality assures better torque transmission and less distortion
Broad range
Broadest range of ER clamping nuts from any manufacturer

Special Solutions

The TORCO-BLOCK Tool assembly assistant quickly, safely, easily and correctly tightens ER toolholders without over torquing, using minimal effort with a built-in torque gauge and without torque wrenches. Its accessories include adapters for numerous spindle interfaces and torque-level indicator rings for various collet sizes and shaft diameters.

ER Accessories

  • Sealing and coolant-flush disks
  • Toolholder balancing rings
  • Tool assembly units for indexed tools
  • Wrenches, wrench heads, grip bars and slip-off-proof extensions
  • reCool adapters, hoses, fittings, ball and ring adapters
  • Storage trays for collets and sealing disks
  • Cleaning accessories and supplies
  • Central coolant supply tubes
  • Balancing ring sets for ultra-high-speed operation
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