New Single powRgrip Unit Packs a Multitude of Benefits

by | Dec 19, 2023

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Like the other members of the powRgrip family of toolholding systems, the new powRgrip Single is easy to use and provides fast, efficient and safe operation. It’s also smaller in size and manufactured with Swiss precision that ensures strong and stable gripping for longer tool life and cost effectiveness.

The powRgrip Single is designed for one powRgrip holder size series.  Existing powRgrip toolholding system units offer either hand pump or automatic operation for loading and unloading a range of toolholding collet sizes through various interchangeable dies. For instance, powRgrip PGU units handle a range  of holders and up to 1” collet holder sizes. The new version is in direct response to shops requiring the use of only one series of PG holders.

Unlike other clamping systems that rely on heat or hydraulics, powRgrip systems use the mechanical properties of the holder material to generate tremendous gripping force, with TIR of less than 0.0001 (≤3 µm) and length adjustment repeatability of less than 0.0004″ (10 µm). Plus, tools are ready to use immediately.

  • No wait time
  • No loss of accuracy
  • No shortened tool life.

All powRgrip units are simple to learn and operate, and the new powRgrip Single makes it even easier. For added simplicity, the unit has only one button to push, whether pressing a tool into a holder or removing it, and a basic door handle to open and close the system’s head. There is also a pull pin used to rotate the whole head for either pressing in or pulling out a tool.

In operation, a cutting tool is inserted into a PG collet, both of which are then placed in a PG holder. Users then open the powRgrip Single’s door and load this assembly in the same fashion as with other powRgrip units. A special groove on the PG holder mates to a lip inside the powRgrip Single and ensures correct placement.

With the holder assembly properly loaded, operators close the unit’s door and push its operation button. In just five seconds, the toolholder assembly is ready to load onto a tooling cart or directly into a CNC machine’s tool storage magazine.

To remove a tool from the PG holder, operators close the head and, using the pull pin, rotate the head to the “out” position. They then open the head, again aligning the holder groove with the mating lip, close the head and push the operation button.

The powRgrip Single works off the same power structure as a powRgrip U – from 100V to 230V. For extreme mobility, the powRgrip Single unit weighs only 100 pounds and has a built-in eyelet on the head for easy moving with any lift system.

Because of its size, the powRgrip Single requires less room and saves on valuable workbench/worktable space. This also allows the unit to be placed in tight areas close to point of use for added convenience.

Initially, the powRgrip Single is for PG25 holders, but REGO-FIX will expand that with units for PG15 and PG10 in 2024. To watch a demonstration of the powRgrip Single, click here.