5 Ways We Live Up to Swiss Machining Precision

by | Nov 21, 2023

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If your work requires part tolerances that are measured in nanometers and you turn to Swiss machining to get the job done, when you say you need the highest “precision” you mean it.  If you are like us, you might even get annoyed when someone else uses the word and can’t back it up. 

We speak your language when it comes to meeting the meticulous expectations Swiss-style machining delivers. From life-saving medical devices to mission-critical aerospace parts, you require the most accurate and widest selection of ER collets and cylindrical holders. REGO-FIX lives up to Swiss-style machining to meet your needs in five ways.

#1 We Invented It

The “R” in “ER collet” stands for REGO-FIX.  Company founder and toolmaker, Fritz Weber invented the ER collet in 1973. We are not like any other collet. We are the original.

#2 We are Manufacturers

Just like you, we are manufacturers. We make every ER collet, nut and cylindrical holder we sell, and our reputation is directly tied to how each one performs on your Swiss-style machine. Further, as the demand for more accuracy in many Swiss machine applications has grown, we have applied the innovative spirit of our founder. On-going research and development continues to expand the precision of our holders.  

#3 We Deliver Consistency

 As manufacturers, we take an active role in quality control, and every one of our ER collets will perform consistently regardless of its batch number or production date. REGO-FIX ER products allow Swiss-style machine operators to maintain precision throughout the production process.

#4 Quick Changes Made Possible

Tooling changeovers on Swiss-style machines are often time consuming and shaving even a few seconds off can translate into huge production savings. Quick-change tooling, such as SwissQuick ER-to-ER adapters from REGO-FIX, enables shops to preset tooling offline and replace worn tools in seconds on Swiss-style machines, getting machine back in the cut as quickly as possible.

#5 The Proof is in the Math  

It can be tempting to look for a “deal” on toolholders. The truth is that a short-term savings is really a long-term loss. Spending $20 less on untested, inconsistently manufactured holders puts your tool and machining operations at risk. Even at a 1% loss of tool life, it only takes two months of wasted tools to turn your “deal” into a debt. For Swiss-style machine shops producing job lot sizes in the hundreds of thousands, REGO-FIX is the most cost-effective choice in the long run.   

When REGO-FIX talks about precision, we mean it.