Try Before You Buy

by | Sep 15, 2023

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While some tooling suppliers may claim to, few, if any really allow shops to try tooling before they  buy. REGO-FIX, on the other hand, keeps a demo inventory of tool holders in stock specifically for that purpose. On top of that, the company provides an ROI form that shows potential cutting data improvements, such as increased speeds and feeds and cost savings from the use of REGO-FIX tooling. All at no additional cost to the customer.

REGO-FIX keeps thousands of its powRgrip (PG) tool holders in its demo inventory from which customers can request a holder to conduct their own tests and trials. With most other suppliers, this is out of the question, and the minute a shop mounts a tool holder in the spindle of their machine, they own it.

Once a shop requests a demo holder, REGO-FIX applications experts go onsite to that facility and provide an overview of how the PG systems work. This includes the proper way to assemble a tool into the tool holder and operate the mounting system and, based on the shop’s application, suggested cutting parameters. According to a REGO-FIX applications expert, out of all the shops that conduct such holder testing and trials, 85% end up purchasing the PG tool holder system based on the results.

For most shops, initial cost continues to drive the decision to choose one brand of tool holder over another. REGO-FIX’s online ROI form allows shops to quickly compare the cost of running PG to other tool holder systems. The form accounts for the customer’s overhead, burden rate for running a specific machining center, annual part production and the existing cut data versus new data. With this information, the online ROI resource provides a side-by-side analysis of true costs and savings.

In just one of many examples, a shop switched from shrink fit holders to the PG system for machining its cobalt chrome parts with a hardness of 35-45Rc because they took advantage of REGO-FIX’s try before buy offer and saw the ROI results. The PG holders allowed the shop to

  • Increase milling feedrates from 12 ipm to 30.2 ipm
  • Boost parts per cutter from 25 to 75
  • Increase overall productivity by 60%
  • Reduce tooling cost from $16 to $6 per part.

Tooling is a key factor to lowering job costs and increasing profitability. REGO-FIX gives shops the luxury of informed insight with try before you buy. Shops see the cost benefit analysis of the PG holder without spending a dime.