REGO-FIX invented the ER collet in 1972 as a problem-solving improvement over then-current toolholding options. Since ER became a DIN standard in 1992, it has remained the world’s most-used toolholding system. Other companies offer ER-compatible products, but REGO-FIX manufactures our entire ER System to specifications that exceed the ER standard – and we continue to expand the system to take on new challenges for customers in industries ranging from automotive to computers, communications and consumer electronics, otherwise known collectively as the 3Cs.

Whether you’re machining at high speeds, need coolant through the tool or are pressed for space on a Swiss-style automatic machine, REGO-FIX has developed collet technology that provides you with tool security and precision.

Collet series

REGO-FIX 16-slot ER collets provide total system runout of only 0.0002″ (≤5 µm) and superior vibration damping. Standard and ultra-precision ER collets target the widest range of applications for universal flexibility. Standard options offer 10 µm runout performance while ultra-precision UP collets cut that specification in half. Metallic-sealed collets work with internal cooling systems. Stainless-steel INOX collets – also available in Microbore sizes – support EDM processes and difficult environments with superb corrosion resistance.

SG secuRgrip clamping collets provide maximum tool security during heavy machining with Weldon flats, with total pullout protection for safe machining without additional modifications of the tool shank. Threaded inserts fit any Weldon flat tool.

Manufactured with an internal square for ideal uses on machine tools with synchronized spindles and feed rates, GB tapping collets meet DIN, ISO, JIS and ANSI standards in ER sizes 11-50. Microbore ER-MB collets handle tool-shank diameters from 0.0079″ to 0.0354″ (0.2-0.9 mm) with runout ≤ 0.0002″ (6 μm).

Other ER products

ER clamping nuts achieve a tighter fit with ER toolholders and collets because of our exacting tolerances. Our special impregnated metal treatment increases clamping forces by up to 125%. We use a self-locking design to ease tool insertion and removal, and our tighter thread quality heightens torque transmission while it lessens distortion.

With six types of ER nuts – the broadest range of options from any manufacturer, including five Hi-Q® designs – we offer options for virtually every application in standard and friction-bearing models, from slip-off proof and friction bearing to externally threaded. Our Hi-Q ER clamping nuts increase clamping force still further for tool security during aggressive machining, with a design that lessens the risk of incorrect assembly. Mini versions of the Hi-Q clamping nuts incorporate a special profile to protect operators from slip-off injuries.

Self-centering ER floating chucks maintain centricity and eliminate the impact of axis errors on machines with and without through coolant. We build these chucks for CAPTO and mini interfaces. ER collet reductions, typically used on Swiss machines with live tooling, also facilitate quick tool changes through preinstallation.

Along with toolholding innovations, the TORCO-BLOCK setup assistant takes the guesswork and over torqueing out of tightening procedures, with an elegant design that makes accurate tightening possible with any wrench. Our reCool retrofitted cooling system provides quick, easy, cost-effective peripheral and internal upgrades to existing toolholding equipment on driven or static tooling systems.

At REGO-FIX, our Swiss quality offers you the precision you need to achieve the results you want. We build our high standards into every product we make.

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