REGO-FIX Triangle of Core Values Extends Beyond the Company Walls

by | Aug 19, 2022

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The REGO-FIX Triangle of Core Values existed decades before the advent of corporate philosophies and mission statements. Those values were, in fact, personified in company founder Fritz Weber.

Story has it that way back in the company’s beginnings, Weber’s bank made an error when he walked down to withdraw cash for the company’s weekly payroll. While filling the pay envelopes for his employees, Weber discovered the bank gave him more money than he had requested. He promptly returned to the bank and argued at some length until the teller realized the mistake and cleared the ledger.

That level of commitment to integrity and excellence has been passed down and refined to a statement that defines the foundation for how we at REGO-FIX conduct business – a business built on integrity, excellence, and growth for itself and its customers.


Doing the right thing – integrity – is our bedrock. We understand that integrity is based on action. Leading and doing by example. We honor our commitments to ourselves and our customers. We treat our people with dignity and integrity and do nothing less for our customers. We won’t ship a product that does not meet our rigorous standards. We won’t ship a product that does not meet your standards. If an order is running late, we’ll call you, then we’ll do what it takes to get it there as quickly as possible. Integrity permeates our company.


Excellence is a value and goal, but it’s also a moving target because one can always be better. We strive for excellence in everything we do on a daily basis, and the question we always ask ourselves is: “How can we do it better to help our customers.” We continually look for ways to produce the very best in Swiss precision products that people have come to know and expect from us. We constantly evaluate our processes, everything from how customer service answers your calls and questions to the quality of packaging in the shipping department. Our commitment to excellence empowers our customers to excel.


At REGO-FIX, growth is not simply a matter of meeting business goals. While important, real growth as a company starts with people. We invest in our people, their well-being and their futures with training, education and experience opportunities to ensure they reach their maximum potential. With that investment, you know you’re dealing with the leading experts in the industry who will help you grow to your maximum potential.

Our growth and that of our customers go hand-in-hand. By listening to customers, we understand their needs and what, where and how they need to grow. The seeds of many of our innovations and advancements were planted from listening to our customers. Expanded services and tool holders with longer reach smaller diameters and better balance were all developed from hearing the needs and concerns of our customers and end-users. We understand that in business, if you don’t keep paddling forward, you flow backwards pushed by the current.

Integrity. Excellence. Growth. REGO-FIX does business the way it ought to be done. And it’s been doing it that way for decades. Click here to learn more about the revolutionary line of precision REGO-FIX products and services that provide the unmatched reliability you need for success.