Tooling Customized for Success

by | Sep 2, 2022

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For the last four years, REGO-FIX has steadily invested in growing its Technology Lab to maintain a commitment to industry-leading customer support. Today, the REGO-FIX Tech Team is instrumental in making sure customers have exactly what they need when they need it and are up and running with their new toolholders as soon as they come out of the box.

Time is money in manufacturing. And every minute a toolholder is not engaged in the production process due to option or additional component installation is time and revenue lost, impacting the ROI on the part. The REGO-FIX Technology Lab eliminates that downtime by providing a production-ready toolholder fitted with everything the customer needs for success.

Instead of ordering a new REGO-FIX toolholder and then installing add-on options or modifications in-house or outsourcing the job, customers are able to select options and additional features to meet their unique application requirements when they order the part. Technology Lab Tech Team members then assemble the unit and ship it for plug-and-play performance.

With services that include toolholder balancing, HSK coolant tube installation, secuRgrip thread modification and laser marking, REGO-FIX end users can order machine-ready components with no delay in putting the part into production. The Technology Lab is fully equipped with fixtures, components and the expertise to allow same-day completion of the work, which is guaranteed and eliminates any compatibility issues that might be encountered with third-party, aftermarket components.

As automation plays an ever-growing role in manufacturing, shops are increasingly looking to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for their tool management systems to track tool location, specifications, usage and a variety of other variables. Rather than sending the part out for RFID installation after receiving it – which could add significant time to putting the tool in service – REGO-FIX can quickly and efficiently install the chip, balance the toolholder and ship it to the customer in production-ready condition with virtually no additional time added to the ordering process.

Shops not currently using REGO-FIX products can also benefit from the services and expertise offered through the Technology Lab. The lab is fully equipped to accessorize, modify and maintain third-party toolholder manufacturer products, and team members’ years of experience in the industry ensure the quality that has made REGO-FIX a leader in world-class tooling solutions.

In addition to performing modification and customization work on REGO-FIX and third-party toolholders, the Tech Team provides virtual training sessions designed to fit your production needs that equip your team with the skills it needs for manufacturing success.

From basic balancing and cleaning to custom modifications and tailor-made training programs, the REGO-FIX Technology Lab and Tech Team ensures your products arrive ready for use and keeps them in optimal working condition for years to come.

To find out how the REGO-FIX Technology Lab will keep your production running, contact REGO-FIX at (317) 870-5959 or visit