Get a Secure Grip On Tool Pullout Problems

by | Jun 13, 2023

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Tough-to-machine materials and/or aggressive metal removal rates require equally tough and aggressive toolholding to prevent cutter pullout. It is for this reason that REGO-FIX developed the secuRgrip toolholding system that literally locks cutting tools in place for worry-free machining.

A true mechanical innovation, secuRgrip uses a small threaded insert that removes the need to alter cutters. While simple, it is an effective design and part of our well-established powRgrip mechanical toolholding system. Also, it allows you to use any off-the-shelf tool that has a standard Weldon flat on its shank.

How does it work? To lock a cutter in place, the small insert of the secuRgrip system is placed in the Weldon flat of a cutter. The bottom profile of the insert matches that of the Weldon flat, and its exposed side has a thread pattern that matches with those of internally threaded powRgrip system collets.

Users hold the insert in place while sliding the tool into the collet. The collet is turned so that its threads engage with those of the insert, and the tool is then screwed all the way into the collet. This cutter-collet assembly is then pressed into a powRgrip system holder, and a special external cap nut is tightened onto the holder for added pullout security.

If you currently use powRgrip holders, you can easily transform your system into a secuRgrip holder by simply threading the outside of any powRgrip PG 25 or PG 32 holder for accepting the cap nut. Our REGO-FIX team can either supply the necessary thread specifications or factory-threaded holders. The REGO-FIX secuRgrip system also works with our heavy-duty ER collets.

Together, powRgrip and secuRgrip systems ensure concentricity (T.I.R.) with deviations of less than 3 microns (0.0001”) for tool lengths up to 3 x diameter and length presetting adjustment with a repeat accuracy of less than 10 microns (0.0004”). The secret to these results lies in the interior of powRgrip. The system achieves high vibration dampening due to the functional contact surfaces between its toolholders and collets, and the collets and tool shanks. The system absorbs vibrations better than non-mechanical systems such as heat shrink holders.

Additionally, powRgrip and secuRgrip are faster than other systems when it comes to exchanging tools. Removing a tool from a holder and installing another takes about 10 seconds. Heat shrink holders, on the other hand, must be heated, the cutter installed, then put in a chiller for two or three minutes before the tool can be used.

Mechanical-base tooling innovations such as REGO-FIX’s powRgrip and secuRgrip provide job shops with solutions for machining challenges, especially those involving tough materials such as titanium and Inconel and for aggressive machining strategies.

Contact us to lock your tool in place with secuRgrip.