Why You Should Consider a powRgrip® Test and Trial for Your Shop

by | May 27, 2022

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When you’ve spent as many years inventing and manufacturing high-quality toolholding as we have, you not only understand that manufacturers need precision, you’ve made it possible for them to meet that need. Beyond all our other options, we created the REGO-FIX powRgrip toolholding system to offer the ultimate in tool security, machining precision and toolsetting convenience. But is powRgrip the right option for your shop? Is there such a thing as “too much precision,” or can your production line benefit from what powRgrip offers? Rather than guess at the answers to those questions, sign up for the powRgrip Test and Trial program and see where this industry-leading solution can take you.

Faster results

Time is money in manufacturing, and every minute that ticks by in setup procedures wastes production time. Without setup, you can’t make parts, but you want to shorten the process as much as you can. Heat-shrink toolholding keeps that setup clock ticking as you wait for tools to cool so you can use them.

That’s not a problem with powRgrip. Put our PGU 9500 automated toolsetter on your production line, and your press-in cycle drops to under 10 seconds, ready to use the instant you remove the completed assembly from the unit. That’s consistent, repeatable and reliable – with a 5-year warranty on the toolsetter.

New high-speed equipment

When the riggers show up to install a new machine tool, everyone in the shop gets excited over the new capabilities that machine adds to your services. But do you really want to entrust that shiny new powerhouse to the sad old toolholders on the workbench in the corner? If your new machine could talk, it would answer with a resounding, “No!”

Instead of the same-old-same-old, give your new machine a toolholding system that can keep up with its need for ultra-low runout and total tool security. After all, every component in the machining chain contains at least a tiny bit of runout, and the only way to prevent that cascade of inaccuracies from adding up is to break the chain wherever you can.

Your new machine sports great specs in the accuracy department – and so does powRgrip. With TIR of <0.0001″ throughout a guaranteed 5-year/20,000-cycle lifespan, and an industry-leading 1,100 Nm clamping torque rating in shank sizes from ø0.0079″ to 1.0″ (0.2 to 24.4 mm), powRgrip assures you of superior clamping force, vibration damping and precision.

Demanding parts and difficult materials

Maybe you just landed a new contract for a big batch of parts with high-accuracy specs, or you’re taking on a job with hard-to-cut materials. Are you confident that your current toolholding can cut it, pun intended? With as much as you have riding on the precision of every job, you can’t afford to risk achieving less than your best results. And that’s where powRgrip comes in.

The uninterrupted-surface design of powRgrip interfaces keeps your tools truly secure, banishing the runout-causing vibration that accompanies less-successful toolholding. After all, the powRgrip toolsetter applies up to 9 tons of force during a press-in cycle, keeping your tools rigidly in place throughout operations including milling, drilling, reaming and tapping.

Small tools and tiny parts

The smaller the part, the smaller the tools – and the greater your need for absolute tool security. You simply can’t find greater toolholding performance for small-scale applications than powRgrip offers, with support for tools as small as 0.0079″ (0.2 mm).

Ceramic tools

These game-changing tools redefine machining. Skip the coolant and try to develop high temperatures. Expect sparks during the cut. It’s a brave new world, with 15,000 rpm to 20,000 rpm speeds that cut 1,500 to 2,000 surface feet per minute on anything from Inconel and other high-temperature alloys to hardened steels and stainless steels. But not all toolholding systems can keep up with these tough new high-speed tools. For secure toolholding that shrugs off heat and high speeds, look to powRgrip for an ideal solution.

How the Test and Trial program works

We understand that you want to see what powRgrip can do for you before you invest in the system. Because we’re confident in what it can offer you, we’ve developed the powRgrip Test and Trial Program so you can audition our toolholding on your production line.

Apply for a powRgrip Test and Trial, and we’ll bring you an automated PGU-series or manual PGC-series toolsetter with toolholders and collets – or pre-clamped toolholding – and show you how to use the system. We’ll leave it with you for three to four weeks so you can throw your toughest challenges at it. When your Test and Trial ends, you can purchase the system if you’ve fallen in love with it – or walk away with no purchase obligation. Approximately 85% of shops convert their Test and Trial into a purchase, and of the 15% that walk away, many come back to us to buy powRgrip a few months or even a few years later.

Bottom line: It’s that good, and we want you to convince yourself that it can transform your production with setup speed, machining precision and the visible high quality that we build into every powRgrip product. Contact us today to experience powRgrip for yourself.