We Have What You Need When You Need It

by | Apr 14, 2022

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REGO-FIX couldn’t maintain its superb customer relationships without two essentials: the right toolholding to get the job done and the inventory availability to ensure that customers receive what they need when they need it. Large orders or small, we’re always 100% committed to delivering them – and 95% of our orders ship the same day you place them. But behind the scenes, logistics and supply chain mastery take care of the rest of the details. Some toolholding companies face supply chain uncertainties because they’re actually just distributors of products made somewhere else. Not REGO-FIX: We are the manufacturer. Here in the US, we receive regular priority shipments from our global operations in Switzerland, and if we need a bigger shipment to fulfill a customer order, our products ship directly from our own factory to our Whitestown, Indiana, US headquarters. We always know exactly when our shipments will arrive, even when the global supply chain is under duress. Our Indiana location isn’t a coincidence. It places us right in the middle of North American manufacturing, with convenient access to all aspects of the transit system. Every week, we receive air freight shipments from Switzerland that enable us to maintain our predictable supply, and we’ve worked with the same outstanding logistics setup since 2005. Not only do we formulate written plans to accommodate any order volume and every foreseeable combination of supply chain “what-ifs”, but even our backup plans have backup plans. We can adjust our US inventory immediately to meet any need. We base that well-calculated inventory on in-depth statistics about advance orders. Those numbers help our production team in Switzerland ensure that we’re always ready to serve our customers. We also receive advance commitments from our material suppliers who enable us to project our production far into the future. Throughout REGO-FIX, we’re a tight-knit group of people who’ve worked here for a long time – and who cherish the ability to make a real contribution in a company that values what each of us brings to the table. Besides our products and an awesome team, what sets us apart from other toolholding companies? Our quality leads the industry, backed by warranty coverage and support that are second to none. We keep our processes streamlined to ensure we’re always productive. We stand behind every product and every order, and if something goes wrong, we make it right immediately. We’re in the toolholding business to solve problems, and we approach our work from the standpoint of continuous improvement, always asking ourselves, “How can we do this better and put the customer further ahead?” From operator safety to foolproof solutions, we’re always focused on results in every sense of the word. That same approach holds true when it comes to our supply chain. We’re happy to show you what REGO-FIX products can do for you, give you a chance to try them out and make sure that you receive every order on time. Whether you’re a big customer with an equally large order or a smaller shop that needs fewer products, we value the opportunity to serve you.