What Quality Means to REGO-FIX

by | Mar 31, 2022

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The essence of reliability is predictable, indisputable performance. In toolholding, that means never having to worry about product performance because you can depend on what you buy to deliver what you need.

Quality is reputation, and REGO-FIX never stops striving to improve quality, from the custom-built machines we use to make our toolholding systems to the processes we use in manufacturing, from vision systems to make sure that collet slots are all even and accurate to the surface finishing techniques that complete our products. When we put our logo on a piece of toolholding equipment, you can trust it to perform as we’ve designed it. We build it so you can believe in it.

We invented the ER collet back in the early 1970s, and we’ve constantly pushed the quality of the ER collet up the scale from a general machining tool to the micRun, which offers precision that even matches powRgrip®. That dedication to quality runs all the way through our company, from the engineers who design our products to the innovations we introduce. We improve our long-standing products with the same attentiveness and precision that we dedicate to creating new additions to our product line.

ER collets snap into the nuts, and that’s not unique. What’s interesting is that when you pop out a collet, we’ve rolled the corner of the material against which the collet hits. Because the collet goes inside the collet cavity, any dents, dings or marks on that surface will affect the quality of that collet and its TIR. Something as small as adding a radius to the inside of the nut to make sure it protects the collet during assembly and disassembly shows how REGO-FIX thinks ahead to the consequences and longevity of design. We’re not interested in a creating a me-too product just so we can include it in a catalog. Everything we make must offer the highest precision and quality – and serve the customer’s real need with repeatable accuracy. The quality of the product protects the quality of your results.

That quality-first mindset runs throughout our company. Take our new master bar system, which checks spindle TIR and drawbar system quality. Our engineers looked at our grinding and measuring capabilities, engineering knowhow and the super-tight tolerances we can produce. They realized that we could build master bars to a higher level of quality without adding new production capabilities to do so. We could add another high-quality product – with better performance than other options on the market.

And we didn’t stop there. Every REGO-FIX master bar carries a QR code you can scan to access the quality certificate for that product. Not only does this feature add value, but it’s a huge benefit for customers in highly regulated industries. As regulations tighten and regulated products increase, this type of traceability becomes more and more important.

Quality also includes the foresight to secure material availability and delivery capacity so we can avoid supply chain shortages. We continue to deliver products on demand to customers, with guaranteed capacity on weekly air freight shipments. We know that we have what customers need – and we don’t make them wait to receive it. The best products in the world lose some of their value if they’re not available when you need them, and we’ve taken the steps necessary to ensure that when you place an order, it reaches you quickly.

High quality standards run throughout the DNA of what makes REGO-FIX a reliable source of the best toolholding you can choose. We apply that same mindset to the assistance we offer when you contact us with questions. We make sure that we create what you need, build it to the highest standards, fulfill orders promptly – and help you get the most from our toolholding.

by David McHenry, Engineering and Technical Manager, REGO-FIX US