High-Temperature Alloys

Cutting the Tough Stuff

  • High-temperature alloys burn through carbide cutting tools and demand low TIR.
  • Increasingly, manufacturers rely on ceramic cutting tools to rough in these metals.
  • Ceramics require a new coolant-free approach to manufacturing.
  • Other toolholding systems struggle to cope with ceramics.
  • powRgrip thrives with no modifications or exceptions.
  • Ceramic tooling’s high heat doesn’t affect the pressfit technology of powRgrip.

High-temperature molybdenum, nickel, stainless steel, tantalum, titanium and tungsten alloys such as Inconel and Hastelloy provide superior corrosion resistance and strength for automotive, aerospace/defense, chemical processing, electronics and power generation. In everything from industrial furnaces to semiconductors, these metals top the material challenges in manufacturing.

Even the finest carbide cutting tools only run for minutes.

Increasingly, manufacturers use ceramic cutting tools to rough in these hard materials at super-high speeds and feeds. These tools redefine production, with coolant-free cuts that purposefully generate sparks – and heat.

Some toolholding systems struggle with high temperatures – but not powRgrip®. Its outstanding vibration damping and tool security, ultra-low TIR of <0.0001 (≤3 µm) and length adjustment repeatability of <0.0004″ (10 µm) add rigidity and precision to ceramic tools. Toolholders maintain safe temperatures – and PG handles ceramic tools quickly, accurately and securely.

REGO-FIX continues to pioneer toolholding solutions for today’s growing roster of difficult materials, always putting precision and productivity first.

Toolholding Recommendations


In less than 10 seconds, this innovative solution clamps tools as small as 0.008″ (0.200 mm) with system runout of less than 0.0001″ (3µm) – all with no heat or fumes.

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