Swiss Engineering: The Epitome of Precision

by | Aug 16, 2023

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Switzerland’s reputation for blue-ribbon engineering is as pervasive as its prominence for precision time pieces and fine chocolate. It’s more than a generally held belief. What drives those accomplishments is ingrained in Swiss thinking; it’s an aspect of the people.

To determine how a culture defines itself, refer to its proverbs. Consider these Swiss mottos: “The devil hides himself in the details.” Another warns “It’s easier to criticize than to do better.” Of course, it’s also said that talk is cheap, and under some circumstances that might be true. Unless you’re Swiss, countering with, “One simple maxim is often worth two good friends.” Probably not a good idea to underestimate the value of a good Swiss proverb and whether the Swiss mean what they say.

REGO-FIX founder Fritz Weber did better rather than criticize or accept the status quo in 1973 when he dove into the details and put an extraction groove on the outer rim of an E collet. The groove received a lip on the clamping nut, and with that, the ER collet was invented. A new industry standard was set, and it was no longer necessary to beat on a spindle to remove a collet.  

Swiss engineering pairs that attitude of bold innovation with a tradition of precise craftsmanship that can be traced to the 16th century when Huguenot watchmakers emigrated from France and setup shop in Geneva. Since that time, Swiss manufactures have become world-renowned for quality, attention to detail and steadfast determination to adhere to only the highest standards and values.

“Swiss Made” is more than a tagline or label. To carry that title, Swiss law requires that at least 60% of manufacturing costs and at least 50% of the product’s manufacturing occur in Switzerland. At REGO-FIX, we take “Swiss Made” seriously, and we are extremely proud of it. All our toolholding systems and measuring technologies are designed, manufactured and tested in our ISO-certified facility in Tenniken, Switzerland. They don’t ship unless they meet the standards set for ourselves and our customers. It’s how we do business.

Fritz Weber’s legacy is seen in our durable heritage of meticulous Swiss engineering and our Triangle of Core Values of integrity, excellence and growth. The REGO-FIX way is to lead and do by example, never dropping our standards and always pushing for excellence. We constantly seek to improve ways and processes to make the very best in Swiss precision products and through that improvement grow our business, our products and elevate our customers to their maximum potential.

Swiss engineering is rooted in centuries of accomplishments, synonymous with a guarantee of excellence. It’s much more than a term. As the Swiss are also fond of saying, “Words are dwarfs; deeds are giants.”