Add REGO-FIX precision to Swiss machine applications

ER Tooling for Swiss Type Automatics

REGO-FIX manufactures the widest selection of the world’s most-accurate cylindrical holder offerings. Our product line and precision have expanded to meet growing demands for increased accuracy in Swiss machine applications. These toolholder options include the following:

  • Cylindrical shanks
  • Cylindrical shanks with flats
  • Doubled ended
  • Special SwissQuick ER to ER adapters

All these cylindrical holders and adapters use our Hi-Q mini-nut design for ample clearance in the tighter gang-tooling configuration of Swiss machines.

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ER Tooling

SwissQuick ER to ER adapters

These unique, innovative short “mini-holders” include a solid ER body profile on the back end and a smaller ER-series cavity on the front end for the shortest, most-rigid ER to ER reduction available. The solid-body design improves accuracy, with a taper-to-collet cavity TIR of less than 0.0001″ (3 um), repeatable within 0.0005″ on tool length. The SwissQuick adapter provides a unique way to preset tool length offline and replace worn tools in seconds. Available in both fine-thread and coarse-thread options on the solid body “back end,” SwissQuick adapters range from ER 11 to ER 32, with a variety of ER cavity outputs from ER 8 to ER 20.

CYL cylindrical shank toolholders

Years of experience and development produce the unmatched quality of our cylindrical holders. Designed with a double ER collet cavity to use two cutting tools in one holder, these toolholders accommodate Swiss automatic machines, turret lathes, machining centers and conventional machines. Options double as extensions, accept two cutting tools and include slip-off-proof intRlox mini clamping nuts to prevent tightening injuries. Combined with REGO-FIX precision ER collets, these cylindrical holders produce the highest accuracy for all types of Swiss machining applications. Our unique features include the following:

  • TIR of less than 0.0001″ from ER cavity to cylindrical O.D.
  • h6 precision ground shanks for precise centering
  • Specially formulated tool steel improves the strength of all mini-threaded holders
  • Fully threaded for optional coolant flow (most versions)
  • Largest variety of metric and inch sizes with both standard and coolant-through nuts

ER collet reductions

For higher clamping force and transferable torque designed for Swiss machines with live tooling, this quick-change system with length presetting allows for tool preinstallation.

Rigid tapping collets

Manufactured with an internal square and intended for use on CNC machines with synchronized spindle speeds and feed rates, these collets need only minimal compensation on rigid tapping.

Tapping collets with axial compensation

Interchangeable with REGO-FIX standard ER collets, these cost-saving collets require no expensive tapping tools and have a spring tension adapted to tap size. The robust design requires minimal space.

reCool add-on internal cooling

The reCool system provides a low-cost retrofit to add internal cooling on virtually any static tooling system.

Hi-Q/ERMX intRlox clamping nuts with slip-off-proof profile

Designed with minimal external diameter for use with REGO-FIX ER toolholders with mini thread and cylindrical holders, these clamping nuts suit lathes and Swiss turning machines.

Floating chucks

Excellent for lathe-based reaming and tapping and continuously adjustable between auto-centering and free floating, these chucks adjust for tool weight and for vertical or horizontal applications to prevent chatter and extend tool life. The combination of ball and friction bearings accommodates low and high-load applications while the double seal protects against coolant and chips.

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