As most shops know, collet-type toolholder assembly and setup have relied on cumbersome, complicated and error-prone manual methods costing valuable production time and money.

With increasing demands for tighter tolerances in such industries as aerospace and medical manufacturing, where even slight deviations from specifications can cause dire results, REGO-FIX developed a way for shops to set their collet toolholders consistently at the correct torque levels, eliminating guesswork and damage caused by over-torqued tools and making toolholder setup fast, easy and consistent.

REGO-FIX’s TORCO-BLOCK system doesn’t require charts or torque wrenches. The TORCO-BLOCK relies on new technology enabling one gauge to cover virtually an entire collet series. It measures the applied torque quickly and accurately, eliminating guesswork and replacing a large collection of reference tables and specialized adjustable torque wrenches with a single compact system any operator can use.

The TORCO-BLOCK is an analog device that attaches to a workbench with six bolts in a 6.693″ x 10.629″ (170 x 270 mm) footprint, and includes a set of 10 color-coded indicator rings, each displaying the shank diameters for a specific type of collet. An operator places the appropriate ring on top of the unit, sets a single indicator to the appropriate shank diameter and uses a standard wrench to tighten the toolholder until an indicator needle lines up with the target size. A hydraulic system inside the unit measures torque and displays it on the pressure gauge on top of the unit.

Along with REGO-FIX ER collets, the TORCO-BLOCK system also handles other brands with compatible torque ratings and steep taper pull studs/retention knobs. The TORCO-BLOCK’s set of adapters accommodates all standard spindle interfaces, including CAT, SK, BT, HSK and REGO-FIX CAPTO options. Each adapter inserts into the top of the TORCO-BLOCK unit and turns until it clicks into place. Recessed screws tighten with a standard Allen key and hold the adapters in place.

When shops consistently apply the correct torque when assembling collet-type toolholders, they achieve proper tool performance, long tool life and precision-machined parts. Assembly-assist systems like TORCO-BLOCK ensures operators can and will comply with tool setup specifications.

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