For excellence and flexibility in traditional machining, today’s REGO-FIX ER product line spans 16 separate categories. Along with standard ER toolholding – SK, BT, CAT, HSK and CAPTO – that suits most machining applications, we also offer cylindrical (CYL) options, Morse taper (MK), automotive shank (SH) and ISO 20, along with HSK and cylindrical toolholding for tapping, as well as floating chucks and collet reductions.

Steep-taper BT, CAT and SK collet holders work with automatic tool changers, and the outstanding vibration damping of CAT/ERA collet holders excels with multi-tasking, milling and small vertical machining centers. These short holders provide superior rigidity, with options that supply coolant through the taper or the flange. To increase Z-axis travel and machine larger workpieces, the ERA Zero-Z collet holder design incorporates the shortest-possible projection.

Fully balanced HSK toolholding suits high-speed rotating applications that require high clamping force and transferable torque with consistent, repeatable performance. Six collet-holder forms handle various applications on machining centers and milling machines with automatic tool changers, offering various coolant and flange options.

For automatic turning machines, our CYL cylindrical-shank collet holders offer runout performance between ≤3 µm and ≤5 µm, and many of these products can double as extensions. The range includes five versions for turret lathes, Swiss-type automatic machines, machining centers and conventional machines. Our SwissQuick ER-to-ER adapters provide the shortest, most-rigid reduction available, with a solid ER body profile on one end – fine or coarse threaded – and a smaller ER cavity on the other. For Swiss-style machines, we also offer rigid tapping collets, and spring-tensioned tapping collets with axial compensation.

Other REGO-FIX ER toolholding products meet specific needs. Automotive-shank toolholding incorporates a trapezoidal thread and a setting nut. Options include a quick-change System BILZ setting nut. We make MK Morse taper collet holders for threaded drawbars on boring, milling and drilling/milling machines. We also can provide the corresponding tangs for drilling machines.

Among our other options, self-centering CAPTO toolholders transmit high amounts of torque and offer high bending strength. We manufacture these products under license from Sandvik Coromant. Slim long-reach XL collet holders dissipate vibration faster than standard options, improving surface finishes, tool life and spindle wear. These toolholders minimize outside dimensions in a balanced design, available in BT, CAT and SK types. ISO 20 colletholders for the Haas Office Mill are 100% balanced to 40,000 rpm/<1gmm in a matched tooling system.

REGO-FIX remains committed to the expandability of the ER System, as well as the high standards we manufacture into every piece of Swiss quality we produce.

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